Original K Ration MRE Italian Army NEW
Original K Ration MRE Italian Army NEW

Original K Ration MRE Italian Army NEW

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Original K Ration MRE Italian Army NEW

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!!! FOR COLLECTORS USE ONLY !!! Different modules (that you can not choose)

K Rations are used only for those missions that do not involve returning to the base for several days in a row.

Precisely to guarantee a minimum of food variety during these missions, the Italian K Ration exists in seven different modules,

one for each day of the week and each assembled with a different assortment of foods.

Each module consists of three cardboard boxes, each containing the necessary for one of the three main meals of the day:

breakfast lunch and dinner. In addition to food, inside there are plastic cutlery, paper napkins, paper garbage bags,

an orange-warming stove, a pack of matches and several fuel tablets.


The Italian K ration is appreciated for the variety and taste of the foods contained, for the nutritional contribution

ensured by a traditionally balanced cuisine like the Italian one.

The three-meal daily form is different for each day of the week. This makes the ration itself

an extremely varied “soldier's lunch”, with about twenty different menus a week.

Among the most pleasant dishes we highlight ravioli and tortellini with meat sauce, but also pasta and beans, vegetable soup,

chicken or turkey in jelly, tuna and peas, etc., dishes far more refined than those of the military menus of other nations.

The breakfast is just as rich, including cordial, powdered cappuccino, extra-dark chocolate, etc.


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